Trainer Workshop

If you are looking for a project and you want to get started in Roarockit Skateboard Manufacturing, we offer you a training course!

Become a certified Roarockit trainer today ...

Train-The-Trainers certificate

Training session on 2 days

Participants will learn the process of building a skateboard and how to set up their own manufacturing courses, to become teachers themselves. Each person will receive a Roarockit Training Booklet with a curriculum to inform and discuss course configuration, security, learning, administration and funding. Each will glue, press and finish his own Canadian maple skateboard.

A certificate will be given to all those who will follow the 2 days of training.

Details & Annotations

Dress : It is advisable to wear clothes that do not fear. Although the glue is water based, it attaches to the tissues. (Clothes and shoes included)

Sandpaper produces sawdust and wood particles, so we recommend wearing a mask during these steps.

Allergies: Please notify if you suffer from allergies or other health concerns.

Safety: When skateboarding is complete, Roarockit approves and advises wearing the helmet and other safety equipment at all times of use. Drive safely and according to your abilities.

The teacher training session includes:

2 times 6h session spread over 2 days to allow the drying of the glue.


£290 per person from 1 to 5 participants. Add £45 each additional person (6 or more people).

Location (if not otherwise organised):

Unit 77
John Wilson Business Park
Whitstable, Kent
United Kingdom

Trucks, wheels and gripe not included

Day 1 :

Morning session -> 2.5 hours

  • Introduction to skateboard construction using Thin Air Press technology.
  • Demonstration of the process
  • Application of this process individually

Train-The-Trainers TAP2

-- Lunch break --

Afternoon session -> 3.5 hours

  • Distribution of training booklets
  • Discussion about skateboarding technology: traditional methods, subject in relation to wood, technique of gluing other brands, vacuum physics.
  • Time management when running the program in class.
  • Graphic design session: painting method and design criteria, skateboarding culture, graffiti, logo and intellectual property.

Teacher Training Course in the Press2

Day 2:

Morning session -> 2.5 hours

  • Opening Thin Air Press, hand finishing boards.
  • Practical session to give form; planing and sanding the skateboard boards.
  • Finishing techniques using water-based paints.

Scrap it2

-- Lunch break --

Afternoon session -> 3.5 hours

  • Final sanding and application of a base for painting.
  • Session graphics: drawing and preparation of graphics for the application on skateboards.
  • Expansion of the program: discussion to bring the program to another level, such as apprenticeship training, fundraising, or other opportunities for outreach social work.
  • Final discussion, opening.


Please contact Brent at Roarockit UK to arrange a date for your training session and any additional information.
+44 (0) 1227 779181