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Old School Kit


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This kit contains everything you need to make one Old-School style skateboard: 100% Canadian maple veneer sheets, mold for shaping, glue, roller, Thin Air Press and finishing tools.

The Old School Kit include our 100% Canadian Hard Maple veneer, the key to making premium quality, long lasting decks. With this kit, you control the laminating process, using waterproof glue, the best skateboard veneer in the world and thousands of pounds of pressure. Make it right. Make it yourself!

(Wheels and trucks are not included)

How to use this product :

By following the printed instructions included in the kit box, you will be guided through the glue up, stacking on the mold, inserting and sealing into the TAP bag. Using the manual vacuum pump to evacuate the air, the Thin Air Press will press the veneers over the mold. The sanding process is described, as well as some graphics suggestions.  


The foam mold, Thin Air Press Bag and pump, edging tool and breather netting are designed to be used for many, many builds.

Keep all your reusable kit parts in good working order by following the maintenance tips included with the kit.


Q: Is this kit reusable?

A: Yes. Every thing but the veneer and glue are reusable

Q: What if my TAP bag or valve is leaking?
A: 99.9% of the time, the seal is not closed up properly. Dust and debris can prevent the top cap of the valve to seal, rinse cap with water. For more in-depth details, see the TAP kit FAQ’s page.

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Old School Kit

Old School Kit

Number of Decks included 7-layers of Canadian maple for one board
2 Cross band, 3 CORE sheets and 2 Face Included per set
Breather netting Included
Thin Air Press Pump Included
Extra sealing tape Included
Clapet anti-retour Positionnement au centre
Instructions Included
Number of molds included in this pack 1 x 3 dimensionally shaped foam mold
Size of the deck after sanding 32''L x 9 1/2'' W (81,28 cm x 24,13 cm)
Titebond Ultimate III Glue Included
Tools included A glue roller and measuring cup, a scrapper and sanding paper
Thin Air Press Kit 14 x 47” heavy duty vinyl vacuum bag (35.5 cm x 119.5 cm)
Strength Around* 14.22 psi (1kg/cm²)
Included One 1/4" thick mold backer sheet

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