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The perfect tool for easily rounding the edges of your boards!

Rounding over the edge of a skateboard can be a laborious task. Our Rockit Trimit router bit is specifically made for this and makes the job simple. The bit is designed to follow the pre-shaped flat edge profile of a board. This bit will trim the edge of any three dimensional shaped board.

Knowledge of routers and router tables is necessary to use this tool.


  • One ½” Shanked Router Bit

  • Instructions


  • Router with a ½” collet

  • Router table


Q: What thickness of board can be rounded over using this bit?
A: You will need a board thickness greater than ½”.

Q: Does the board edge need to be trimmed flat before using the Rockit Trimit bit?A: Yes in order for the bit to work correctly the edge of the board needs to be clean of glue and trimmed square to the face of the board surface.

Q: Do you need a router table to use the Rockit Trimit bit? 
A: Yes. This tool is designed for use with a router table. Do not try to use it with only a router.

Q: Can I use a router with a ¼” shank? 
A: No. This bit has a ½” shank and will not fit in any smaller sized router collet.

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Rockit Trimit

Rockit Trimit


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