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Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry



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Roarockit's Thin Air Press works well for the art of marquetry!

Paul R. Dean wrote this book to introduce people to the art of marquetry. Learn this unique and relatively unknown art form and transfer your own designs into wood.

Marquetry takes some skill but it becomes easier when following the step-by-step instructions at each stage. There are exercises included for cutting veneer so you can practice. For a novice or an experienced woodworker, this is an excellent resource to either learn or improve skills with.

The book uses the First Nations art of the Northwest Coast to showcase how to do marquetry. This is a textbook for yourself and or your students to learn another skill using wood. Paul also gives readers a history of marquetry all the way back to 3000 BC!

By reading this book you will learn about...

- The tools and how to cut veneers using the window method or a knife.

- How to cut and assemble a frame using stringers, banding and borders.

- Using a Veneer Press: Paul demonstrates 2 methods, a wooden press and our Roarockit Thin Air Press Kit as an inexpensive alternative to larger presses. Even pressure spread over the entire surface of the project is a benefit to using the TAP bag as it helps to eliminate air and glue pockets.

- Preparing the base, then mounting the picture and frame to the base.

- Sanding and finishing.

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Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry

Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry


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