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Thin Air Press Bag 20 x 70"



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The Thin Air Press 20x70 is designed for laminating custom skateboards using our uncut veneer sheets, including our uncut skateboard veneers.

It can also be used to for woodworking projects such as archery bows, furniture parts, paddles, etc.

The kit can be re-used many times, and with a little care and maintenance, can last for hundreds of pressings.

Get multiples of this size bag for production work, or as a replacement or addition to your other sizes.

Useful for schools and groups and garage builders and woodworkers who require multiple bags so that more than one project can be made during the same gluing session. The kit can be re-used many times, and with a little care and maintenance, can last for hundreds of pressings.

It can be used for any smaller projects, by carefully folding the extra, unused vinyl so that most of the air is removed.

The Thin Air Press 20x70 :

A 20x70 vinyl vacuum bag with a seal and a one-way valve. The valve can be positioned in the center (for most wood projects) or off-set for wet resin (epoxy) pressings. Please specify your choice when ordering.

How to use this product: 

Insert your glued veneers (and mold) into the heavy-duty vinyl vacuum bag, position the breather netting under the valve, seal the bag, connect the Super Pump and extract the air out. 

Watch as it generates enough pressure to press 7, 8 or even 9 layers of maple into a 3-dimensionally shaped skateboard.

Before you glue your veneers together, a dry run is highly recommended!


Q: Is this reusable, and for how many times?
A: The kits are designed to be used many many times. With a little care and maintenance, the TAP bags will last for years.

Q: Will the glue stick to the bag?
A: PVA glue and epoxy will not stick to the bag. Any dried glue can be loosened with fingers and either shaken or blown out with a shop vac.

Q: How many projects can I press at once?
A: One piece at a time is recommended. You are limited by how fast your glue dries. If you are using water-based glue, you have about 7 minutes to get the veneer pressed before the glue dries. Dry glue will not bond together.

Q: How can I get the air out faster?
A: These larger bags have a lot of air in them at the start. A quick way to remove the bulk of the air is to remove the top cap of the grey valve, and hover a shop vac hose over the valve. Much of the air can be removed however vacuum cleaners are high volume but low pressure so they will not generate the pressure required to press a deck. Quickly reattach the cap onto the valve and finish the high pressure pumping using the Super Pump.

Q: Why not use an electric pump system?
A: Because this is easier! The TAP valves are designed to work with the manual pumps supplied. The beauty of these one-way valves is that the pump does not need to be hooked up for the entire time the project is drying in the bag. The bag remains air tight, so that you dont need a constantly running pump. Once a project is pressed, it can be set aside while you go onto other pressings.

Q: If the TAP Bag gets a hole in it, can I fix it?
A: Clear 2 packing tape seals up any suspected punctures. Use a length of the butyl tape to fix any side seam gaps or splits.

Q: Do the valves leak?
A: While many people assume air is leaking back through the valve, they are made of cast rubber and almost never leak. The most common problem with slow leakage is the open-end seal tape. If the seal is not properly closed up (check both sides) you will lose vacuum. If the top cap of the valve is not compromised with dust and debris, the valve will not leak.

Q: Do you refund my veneer if I screw up the pressing?
A: If you are unsure about any part of the process, we are only a phone call or email away and are happy to give advice and support. However, we cannot refund for any failed pressings.

Q: Whats a Dry Run and why should I do that?
A: It means to press your project in the TAP bag, without putting any glue on the veneer sheets. Stack the dry sheets of veneer over the mold, seal them into the press with the breather netting in place, and pump the air out. Check for 10 minutes to make sure the TAP bag is not leaking. This will help you become familiar with the process before you commit glue to your veneer sheets.

One way Valve Choose centre or offset placed valve
Width 51 cm (20'')
Length 178 cm (70'')
Thickness 20 mil (0.5mm)
Breather netting not included
Thin Air Press Pump not included
Extra sealing tape not included
Strength Around* 14.22 psi (1kg/cm²)

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