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The Thin Air Press pump is capable of removing all the air from the small Thin Air Press vacuum bags in less than a minute. It is a low volume, but high-pressure pump and will create almost 3000 lbs of pressure over the size of a skateboard deck!

How to use this product: 

Connect the pump to the grey valve that comes installed on your Thin Air Press vacuum bag, and start pumping as quickly as you can.

If the bag is sealed properly, you will start to see the vinyl tighten around your pressing,

When all the air is out, you will hear the pump make a clicking sound. We suggest you pump about 10 more times and then you are done!

Tip: the pump works best with a little water in the slide. (rinse and shake out)


If the pump has been used a lot, you may need to add a little silicone spray, or even light oil, or in a pinch, even cooking spray works to keep the slide moving smoothly.


Q: How do I connect the pump to the valve?

A: The pump simply rests on top of the grey valve. The rubber makes a seal against the pump. It helps to rest the outside of your hand on the vinyl while pumping to stabilize the pump against the valve.

Q: How long does it take to pump the air out of the bag?

A: For the smaller bags (14 x 47 and 26 x 28) it should take about 50 seconds if you are pumping fairly quickly. The larger bags now come with the Super Pump, which can do the job in half the time.

Q: How much vacuum does the Thin Air Press Pump create?

A: It can produce up to 25HG , or 12.27 PSI (pounds per square inch)

Read about how much vacuum is required to press various projects:

Thin Air Press Pump Can produce up to 25HG

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